We have started handling soundproof panels for outdoor units and EcoCute!

Hello Silent Provider. This site deals with sound insulation materials, sound absorption materials, and anti-vibration materials that are not sold at home centers or general mail order. It is also used by construction shops that perform specialized soundproofing measures and soundproofing construction, but among them, we have mainly products that can be used by general people who are worried about noise.

This time, we would like to introduce the "Soundproof Panel for Outdoor Unit/Eco Cute" that we started handling last month. We have received many inquiries on this site regarding the noise generated by outdoor units and EcoCute at night. In the case of outdoor units installed in residential areas, the sound tends to be reflected and amplified by neighboring walls. Outdoor unit noise is accompanied by high-pitched noise when the fan rotates and low-pitched noise when the motor is running, and effective performance is required to counteract both. Since this product can absorb low to high sounds, it has the effect of reducing the resonance of sounds. It has a sound insulation performance of around 10db in the mid-high range (500Hz or higher) and a sound insulation performance of about 2-5db in the low frequency range (100Hz or lower). For the sake of convenience, it is lumped together as "hand frequency", but numerically it has a wide range of frequencies from 20 to 100 Hz. Also, if you are concerned about the vibration of the outdoor unit, we recommend using it together with anti-vibration rubber . Vibration noise can be reduced by installing the outdoor unit on the ground or under the frame.

I would like you to refer to the picture, but please face the aluminum mesh side (rough side) to the noise source. There are openings in the legs for self-standing, so if there is a risk of overturning due to the wind or where people pass, please use it safely by anchoring or stakes. In addition, please refer to the notes on the target device for the installation distance (how much space is there around it), but please place it so that it does not put a load on the target device. Please be careful when receiving it as it is a heavy item (15kg/piece). If the target device is larger than the product, there is a possibility that the sound will wrap around, so please check the size of the target device before purchasing the product.

As this is a made-to-order product, it takes about 2 weeks to 1 month.

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