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About This Site

Silent Provider is a shopping site by ehs. Co., Ltd. that provides total support for the environment, health, hygiene, and safety of everyone, regardless of whether they are for industrial or general use, with a focus on soundproofing and sound-absorbing products.

Do you have any problems?

  • I'm worried about the sound from above the apartment...
  • I can hear noise from the next room, what should I do?
  • I want to improve the internal environment of the factory! But where do I start?
  • Complaints came from around! What kind of soundproofing should I do?
  • I want to take soundproofing measures, but I don't know because there are too many soundproofing materials...
  • Is there an inexpensive and effective way?
  • I don't want soundproofing measures that I don't know the effect of!
  • I want a product that is safe and secure for children!
  • We built a high-quality acoustic environment!

The soundproofing and sound-absorbing related products handled by this site are in partnership with manufacturers with proven track records in soundproofing construction, and have a wealth of construction and award-winning achievements. increase.

As for audio products, we carefully select products that have strong support from many famous musicians, recording engineers, and high-end audio users who are particular about sound.

All products, including hygiene-related products, are carefully selected for health and safety, such as not generating formaldehyde or other harmful gases or ingredients to the human body, or certified as non-combustible, so that anyone can use them with peace of mind. increase.