[New product] “Honeycomb board”, which is versatile in DIY-Specifications and three features

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This time, we would like to introduce the "honeycomb board", which has better performance than conventional products.

About specifications

  • Color: white makeup or unpainted
  • Surface material: Unpainted plywood
  • Inner material: ceramic honeycomb
  • Dimensions ( weight ): 910mm x 1820mm
  • 12 mm thick ( about 7.5 kg ) / 20 mm thick ( about 8.0 kg )

Strong and hard to crack, versatile for DIY

A honeycomb board is a board that sandwiches a core material with hexagonal spaces like a honeycomb between two boards. Honeycomb boards on the market are made entirely of paper and are mainly used for making models and fixtures.

This product is a honeycomb board developed by Shizuka Co., Ltd., a soundproofing panel manufacturer using honeycomb.

Feature 1: Surface strength

The first feature of this product is its surface strength. A veneer board is used for the board that sandwiches the honeycomb, giving it greater strength than other products. Therefore, it can be used for DIY as well.

Feature 2: Elasticity

The second is elasticity. We apply a unique elastic bonding method. As a result, the board flexes and is hard to crack. It is safe to put heavy objects on it.

Because it is elastic even when a bending test is performed, it does not crack and almost returns to its original state after a load is applied.

↑ Warpage during bending test

↑Board after bending test

Feature 3: Workability

The third is workability. Because it is a combination of plywood and paper honeycomb, it can be cut with a saw, and can be cut freely with a circular saw.

Uses of honeycomb board

As an example of use, we would like to introduce a shelf. Cut to size with a saw or circular saw and assemble with screws. The shelf in the photo is fixed with 2x4 lumber between the tiers, but it can be stabilized simply by putting it on with dowels.

In this application example, edge tape sold at a home center is pasted on the end face to reinforce the cross section. The unpainted board can also be colored according to the customer's preference.

*There is no problem in performance even without the edge tape.

Also, I would like to introduce the results of the load resistance test as soon as they are analyzed.

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