Introducing the easy-to-assemble tabletop sound absorption booth - Grace series type DSB

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This site is a mail-order site that handles soundproofing materials, but we handle full-scale materials and products for industrial use and builders that are not handled at home centers or other online sales. We handle products that can be used by general people who are worried about sound using such first-class materials.

In the past few years, the corona virus has been trending, and the lifestyle has changed greatly. For example, school classes and corporate meetings and meetings have now become commonplace from face-to-face meetings, which were the norm in the past, to online meetings. In addition, remote work continues to expand. In this article, we would like to introduce our popular product " Grace Series Type DSB ", which has been in high demand in recent years.

Create a comfortable space with just one

As mentioned above, due to the change in lifestyle, there may be more situations where you feel the following worries that you did not have before.

・For example, during a web conference in the company, the echo of the voice causes the microphone to distort the sound, making it difficult for the other party to hear the business negotiations.

・Because a colleague is on the phone or has a web conference at the desk next to you, your colleague's voice will be heard on your phone. I can't hear the phone.

Or, considering the above, it is necessary to shift the time of the web conference, which is inconvenient.

・Because various sounds are generated in the office, there are times when it is difficult to concentrate on work.

・I'm working remotely, taking remote classes, or studying for exams, but I'm worried about the outside noise.

I think that many of the above problems are difficult to solve. The " Grace series type DSB " is surrounded by hard non-woven fabric with excellent sound absorption performance on four sides, so it suppresses unnecessary echoes inside, so your voice can easily enter the microphone during web conferences, etc. Create a space of stress. In addition, it is difficult for surrounding sounds to enter, so you can work in a quiet personal space.

Easy to set up and move by simply placing the assembly/disassembly

" Grace Series DSB " is a desktop type sound absorption booth.

It can be disassembled as shown in image ① below, but since it is attached with Velcro, there is no troublesome work such as screws and nuts. Even those who are not good at assembling can easily assemble it in about 10 minutes on the day it arrives. Since it is only installed on the table, there is also the advantage that it does not require a large amount of money, such as a soundproof room, space, or time.

Hard non-woven fabric is lightweight and sturdy, so it is light enough to be easily carried when you want to use it in a different place. Even if you drop it, it will not crack or break like an acrylic partition, so it is safe. In addition, it also has a deodorizing function.

Next, regarding other functions, the front panel has a wiring notch for the connection cable of the personal computer, so it can be wired neatly. In addition, since a USB light is included, there is no need to install a light.

Attractive beyond functionality

In addition to the functionality mentioned above, we have a wide variety of colors available, so you can choose the color of the surface fabric to match the atmosphere of your room or office. In addition to the noise, we have also received comments such as "I can concentrate on my work without feeling the surrounding eyes" because it is like a booth.

This time, we introduced a desktop type sound absorption booth. If you have several in an open office, you can also use them as dedicated seats for web conferences. It can also be used for remote work at home or at private homes and cram schools when studying hard. Please try our most popular product " Grace Series Type DSB ".

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