Appropriate selection of soundproofing materials - Let's narrow down the soundproofing sheets for the purpose of countermeasures

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This site is a mail-order site that handles soundproofing materials, but we handle full-scale materials and products for industrial use and builders that are not handled at home centers or other online sales. We have 10 years of experience in soundproofing, so please do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Well, if you search for soundproofing materials, you will find products with a wide variety of materials, prices, and specifications. It's better to keep costs down, but I think it's easier to compare products if you narrow down your options little by little. If you search for "soundproofing material", you will find "soundproofing material", "sound absorbing material", "vibration insulating material", etc., and you don't know which one is the soundproofing material, right? In fact, all products are categorized as soundproofing materials, but the performance and materials are all different.

For example, if it is easy to hear voices in the next room in an apartment, it is effective to install a "sound insulation sheet" (for further cost reduction, triple gypsum board is used, but this selection will also be described later). Sound insulation sheets are also made of asphalt, rubber, resin, etc. The heavier the weight (considered per square meter), the higher the sound insulation performance.

Although it is cheaper to apply triple gypsum board to the wall as mentioned above, the soft sheet is easier to handle because of the time required for the bonding method and the handling of the board (easily broken). It's easy. In addition, sound insulation performance for weight (called the law of mass) tends to be better for sound insulation sheets than for materials of the same weight. After that, we will select the material according to the place to be used.

Since asphalt is hard, it is effective for floors. Due to the flexibility of rubber and resin products, they are suitable for wall mounting. However, it is better to avoid using floor heating or in places where the temperature in summer stays high (the floor may melt depending on the temperature).

At our store, we handle resin-made sound insulation sheets that can be cut with a cutter. Since it is delivered in rolls, it can be stored in a small space. It can be installed on the wall with tucker or screws, but sound leakage will be reduced if the sound insulation sheet and the sound insulation sheet are layered (to prevent gaps from appearing).

Please refer to "Narrowing down by purpose" for how to handle soundproofing materials.

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