How to use the sound absorbing panel SHIZUKA Stillness Panel B-500

Hello Silent Provider. On this site, we sell sound-absorbing materials, sound-insulating materials, and anti-vibration materials that are not available at home centers or general online shopping sites for building contractors and general customers.

Today, we would like to introduce the acoustic panel " SHIZUKA Stillness Panel B-500 ". Although this product is a small size of 500mm x 500mm, it has a structure that can absorb sound from low to high frequencies. No matter how good the speaker is, there are cases where the original performance cannot be demonstrated depending on the indoor environment. Because of its small size, you can control the sound by placing it on a desk or in the corner of a room. The secret of being able to absorb a wide range of sounds with a thickness of 37 mm is due to the three different specific gravities and material compositions. The surface is made of hard aluminum fiber material (sound absorption in the mid-to-high range), and the inside is made of honeycomb and sound-absorbing foam (low to mid-to-high range) to create an air layer, making it possible to respond to a wide range of sounds while being thin. Intended for sound engineers and audiophiles.

The product is available with legs and without legs , so you can choose according to the installation location. If it doesn't have legs, you can lean it against the wall. If it has legs, it can stand on its own on a desk or be placed in the corner of a room. The legs have screw holes on the side of the panel, so please turn the screw by hand to fix it. Since there is a gap in the lower part, depending on the size, it is also possible to pass the cable through the bottom. For those who have adopted it, it is placed on the sound engineer's desk to edit sounds, and for the artist, it is used to control performances on the desk. For audio enthusiasts, you can install it on the back of the speaker (however, the B-500 is smaller than the speaker, so we recommend the S-1000 , B-1000 , or SDM ), or in the corner of the room. Please use it for low-pitched sound processing. There are silver (S-500) and black (B-500) colors, so you can choose according to the atmosphere of the room and the color scheme of the speakers. There is no change in performance due to color.

It will take about 2 weeks from your order. If you are worried about the control of indoor reverberations and acoustics, please consider it.

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