Introducing 4Life, a mask that boasts a high level of performance and comfort

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This time, I would like to introduce the high-performance and comfortable mask "4Life" away from the sound.

Performance value that can be used even in the medical field

"4Life" has the ability to cut 99% of ultrafine particles (0.1 μm) (PFE99%), and is an FDA-certified product (US Food and Drug Administration), which is the highest level of masks, so it can be used as a medical and welfare mask. can also be used. Due to the adoption of a 4-layer filter, in addition to cutting 99% of viruses, it is a mask that can also handle dust, bacteria, pollen, and M2 and 5.

In addition, the size of the main virus is about 0.1 μm, which is very fine. A high-performance electrostatic charge filter meltblown (ultrafine fiber) is used to prevent viruses and dust from entering, so it can be used in semiconductor factories and clean rooms.

In addition to the above, it is a very high-performance mask with a structure that fits gently with a nose filter, a round cord that is gentle on the ears, and a high-adhesion three-dimensional cover that blocks the entrance of bacteria.

4-layer structure for high performance

The second feature of "4Life" is that the mask has four layers of filters.

The features of the 4-layer filter are as follows.

  • 1 layer: Polypropylene non-woven fabric: Blocks large particles such as pollen in the air. Water repellent.
  • 2 layers: Bi-component non-woven fabric: Blocks large particles such as pollen in the air. It has a role to fix the mask body.
  • 3 layers: Meltblown nonwoven fabric: Blocks 0.1μm fine particles smaller than PM2.5 with ultra-fine fibers using the power of static electricity.
  • 4 layers: Bi-component non-woven fabric: A soft filter that is gentle on the skin.

The size of the main virus is about 0.1 μm, which is very fine, and we use an electrostatically charged filter meltblown (ultrafine fiber) to prevent these invasions. As a result, not only dust and pollen, but also PM2.5 can be handled, and we have succeeded in cutting 99% of ultrafine particles.

You can also feel multiple advantages of the three-dimensional structure.

Another feature of the new product mask "4Life" is that it has a 3D structure, which is rare in masks.

As a result, there is an appropriate amount of space around the nose and mouth, making it easier to breathe even when wearing a mask. It's also easy to have a conversation, so I think you can feel the advantage in every situation. In addition, lipstick does not easily stick to it, so it is recommended that it will not come off even if you are wearing makeup.


standard Regular size・・・30 sheets/box unisex type
Color white
size 7.5cm x 18.4cm
body polypropylene
nose fitter polyethylene, steel
ear straps

polyurethane, polyester

postage free

"4Life" can be used in various environments, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Product Page: 4Life 4-Layer Nonwoven Mask

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