[August sale] Introduction of sound absorbing panel "SHIZUKA SDM" for acoustics

Hello everyone. Silent provider.

This site is a mail-order site that handles soundproofing materials, but we mainly sell full-scale materials and products for industrial use and builders that are not handled at home centers or other online sales. We carry the highest quality products available.

This time, we will carry out the first sale on this site with gratitude to our customers.

The first 20 people who purchase the main product of this site, " SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SDM1800 ", will receive a special bag that is convenient to carry.

This product has been well received by artists and music engineers, but for those who don't know what kind of item it is or what kind of effect it has, this time we will introduce the SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SDM . (hereafter referred to as SDM ).

Precise and comfortable sound at home

If I were to describe what SDM is in one word, it would be "an excellent product that suppresses unnecessary reverberations with its excellent sound absorption effect and realizes true sound."

For example, I think there are many people who enjoy listening to music at home with discerning records and speakers.

In that case, place the speaker behind the Speedy, behind the listening point, or in the corner of a room where bass tends to accumulate. It is a product that changes.

In addition, by placing it behind the microphone for live streaming and video shooting, it suppresses the echo near the microphone and realizes a tight recording that is easy to hear without sound distortion.

The SDM has been adopted by artists who have worked on numerous songs, mastering engineers and artists, as well as pure audio enthusiasts, and is also used at art exhibitions to provide visitors with a pleasant sound. It is a powerful product, so it is a product that I would like you to try once .

Why don't you all try to find your own best position at "SHIZUKA SDM"?

*In addition to black, there are blue, gray, and red colors.

High sound absorption performance and light weight for easy handling

Developed based on the advice of experienced professionals, "SHIZUKA SDM" has extremely high sound absorption performance. Since it can evenly absorb low to high frequencies, it is also effective for songs that require a wide range of sounds.

In addition, "SHIZUKA SDM" is composed of two panels of 1800 mm high x 450 mm wide, but weighs only 10.6 kg, which is light enough to be easily carried in any situation. It's easy for women to carry around, and the fact that it's easy to change the layout or move to another studio has been well received.

It is foldable and can be easily installed by folding it in two at an angle of 90 degrees. If you want to install it straight instead of folding it , there is also a dedicated fixed leg.

user's voice

"The moment I opened the panel, I felt a sense of tranquility."
"It was better than placing sound absorbing material in the corner of the room."
"Purely better sound and better cost performance than replacing microphones and equipment"
"The sound changes depending on the placement, and it's interesting to increase the variations."

We are introducing some of the voices of users who have used "SHIZUKA SDM" , and it has been very well received. In addition, we would like to introduce an article about this product so that you can learn more about the advantages of "SHIZUKA SDM" and how to use it, so please refer to it.

*There are other people who have uploaded review videos, so please search for them on the Internet or SNS.

" SHIZUKA Stillness Panel " is recommended for the walls of soundproof rooms.

"SHIZUKA SDM" is a movable sound absorbing panel, but if you want to turn the entire room into a soundproof studio, we recommend " SHIZUKA Stillness Panel ( SSP )". SSP has both sound absorption and sound insulation performance, so it reduces the sound leaking outside while suppressing the sound in the room.

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