[SSP E-15/E-38] Introducing 5 construction examples

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This time, I would like to introduce the construction examples of the popular products " SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SSP E-15 , E-38", which I have introduced twice until the last time.

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(1) Case of kindergarten

The children's voices were quite loud, and there was also a mental impact on the teachers, so I consulted them.

Ordinary inner walls have low sound absorption performance, and sound is amplified by reverberation. The kindergarten in this case also had a large impact because the children's voices were reflected on the walls and echoed inside.

Therefore, we applied the SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SSP E -38 to the inner wall to suppress the echo, and in addition to reducing the discomfort, we also suppressed the amplification of the sound, which also reduced the sound leaking outside. In addition, we received feedback that the treble that tends to remain in the human ear has been halved, making it very easy to work.

In order to make it look cute, I covered it with cloth as shown in the image and attached it with Velcro. Foamed resin powder may fall from the cross section of this product, so when using it, please cover it with a cloth as shown in the photo below.

②3D printer box

We received your inquiry because you wanted to improve the performance of your existing soundproof box .

Since the inside of the existing box was made of iron plate, it had excellent sound insulation performance, but it did not absorb the sound and reverberated inside, resulting in a louder sound, which had the opposite effect. By pasting this product on the inside, the combination of sound absorption and sound insulation became addictive, and it became dramatically quieter.

③ Example of listening to music in the room

It was a consultation that I want to listen to music more comfortably than listening to music. Similar to the kindergarten example, the existing interior wall cloth is sound insulating. The sound that reaches the human ear is not only the sound that enters directly from the speaker, but also the sound that is reflected by hitting the inner wall and enters the ear with a delay. Therefore, it seems that there are many people who feel the blurring of the sound. By sticking SSP E-15/E-38 on the inner wall of the room, the echoes are suppressed, and the music that enters the ear is only the direct sound coming from the speakers, so you can hear it very clearly.

Below are actual customer comments.

"I tried various things, but I was surprised by the high sound absorption effect. At first, when I leaned four of them between the speakers, I felt that the high frequencies of the familiar violin songs on the CD were completely absorbed. So, the sound retreated behind the speaker.I think that the sound absorption performance is extremely high.In the end, I attached it downward to the bottom of the four-legged counter furniture used as a partition between the rooms, and the sound reflected from the floor was absorbed. I processed it. The slightly noisy low range is refreshing, and the pitch has become clear."

④ Example of a music engineer

A music engineer whose studio is in a room in an apartment put SSP on the wall of the room, a sound-shut frame on the floor, and a SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SSP E-38 on the ceiling. We received feedback that simply suppressing the echoes from the ceiling made it clear from high to low, and made it possible to record well in the room.

Esprit is good at absorbing high-pitched sounds, so it is effective when listening to violin or classical music. In the case of Esprit Life , when listening to music or instruments with deep bass such as pianos, diffused reflections are suppressed and the sound is summarized into a clear sound. It is also used by audio users as a room tuning material.

⑤Company meeting room example

We often hear that voices echo in conference rooms, making it difficult to have a conversation. Recently, there are many web conferences, and it is difficult for the echoed voice to enter the PC microphone, and some people may feel stressed because it is difficult to have a conversation. Surprisingly, there are many people who say that by suppressing the echo, they can have a stress-free conversation and feel less tired.

The introduction of the case is above. How was that. Please try " SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SSP E-15 , E-38" that you can use in various situations.

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