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Hitori Shizuka Grand

Hitori Shizuka Grand

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Reduces vibration noise caused by walking, etc., which tends to be a problem in collective housing and wooden houses. Not only can it be used as an underfloor material, but it can also be installed between the flooring and the carpet. It can also be used to protect against falls in medical and nursing care situations.

It is also used in the stairs of factories and hotels, and in the rooms of Japanese inns.
*Use as a base material instead of using it alone. (Please spread a carpet, etc. on top of this product.

Surprisingly difficult floor measures

The "sound" that you hear from the ceiling of an apartment building differs from the "sound" that vibrates the air, such as a so-called voice.

Therefore, it is important to reduce vibrations with materials that have some degree of flexibility. In the case of new construction, vibration noise can be reduced by installing it on the flooring base material, or by installing it on the flooring in existing buildings where it is difficult to replace the floor.

Effective measures against floor impact noise

Depending on the material, there are ranges that are weak and good. Similarly, the impact sound of the floor is more effective than a single material with a composite that combines multiple materials with different hardness, material, and thickness. You can expect better results by laying a carpet on top of the Hitori Shizuka Grand and a non-slip or sound insulation mat underneath.

Original honeycomb structure & impact noise reduction performance

Using our original honeycomb structure, it can withstand the load of the floor and has the performance of reducing impact noise. *This product is patent pending.

Products with excellent shock absorption performance (G value)

The G value is a numerical value that represents the magnitude of the impact that an object receives, such as when a person falls. The smaller the number, the higher the security. "Hitori Shizuka Grand" has a high performance of absorbing various impact sounds transmitted from the floor and softens the impact when it falls, so it can be used safely even in homes with small children and dogs.

Hitori Shizuka Grand Tatami (55mm) Flooring (15mm) Concrete (150mm)
G-value 45.6 55 135 150

Impact sound measurement data

[Measurement data (1): Impact sound test data]

Light weight impact noise data using a tapping machine and weight impact noise measurement data using a banging machine on concrete slabs (concrete plates). A single sheet of "HITORISHIZUKA Grand" can deal with both lightweight and heavy impact noise at the same time.

[Measurement data 2: Impulsive sound measured in a hotel room]

We installed a measuring device on the first floor and measured the walking noise on the second floor. Set up "Hitori Shizuka Grand" on the floor of the second floor and walk. In addition, at this time, it is not fixed to the floor.

Measurement condition N-value [*1] db(A) [noise level] 63Hz ([*2]) 125Hz 250Hz
carpet only 45 46 67 49 45
Hitori Shizuka Grand 35 38 50 39 35
reduction value -8 -17 -Ten -Ten
Background noise (normal sound other than the sound source) 32 37 33 30

*1: N value: "Applicable grade for indoor noise". The lower the value, the higher the effect, and 35db is the first class in a hotel (45db is the second class).

*2: Hz: Also called frequency. The higher the number, the higher the sound.

[Supplementary information]

The above data is the result of measurement by a surveyor. These are the measurement results when carpet is laid on the floor of a guest room in a ryokan and when "Hitori Shizuka Grand" is laid. Overall, it is reduced by around 10db. The sound source is the walking sound of a man weighing 75 kg walking from the heel. The above data is for when the product is laid on the floor, so the effect will vary depending on the floor structure. It is not the guaranteed value of the product.

Standards/Material details/Prices/Others

Standard (width x height x thickness weight) 500×500×16(mm) 350g/sheet
Number of sheets

4 pieces / 1 case (for 1㎡)

Material Absorbing surface (black) expanded polyolefin
Core material Foam resin special treatment honeycomb
Ground surface (gray) foamed polyethylene
Approximate number of sheets

1 tatami mat: Use 8 sheets of 450mm x 450mm size
2 m2・・・500mm×500mm size 8 pieces used



deadline Approximately 2 weeks (depending on stock availability)

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