The reason why the combination of sound insulation material + sound absorption material is effective

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Importance of sound absorption

Soundproofing consists of four elements: sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration isolation, and vibration control.

Sound absorption refers to the ability to absorb sound and not bounce it back. On the other hand, sound insulation is to block sound and prevent it from passing. For example, sound absorption is very high in environments such as studios and futons where sound is very difficult to bounce off. Even in a studio with urethane or glass wool attached to the walls, even if you speak loudly inside the futon, there will be no reverberation. It becomes.

On the other hand, it can be said that sound absorption is very low in spaces such as tunnels and bathrooms where sound bounces back and reverberates easily. The tunnel is made of concrete, and the bathroom is made of resin panels and tiles, so there is no place for air to enter, so sound does not enter the interior and is sound-insulated.

▲ Because it is soft, it can be installed according to the shape.

Both "sound insulation" and "sound absorption" are necessary for effective soundproofing.

The two effects mentioned above are "sound insulation" and "sound absorption". By combining these two, you can perform effective soundproofing measures. For example, the sound of cars running in a tunnel or voices in a bathroom can be heard louder than outside. Although sound insulation prevents sound leakage to the outside, it does not absorb sound, so it reverberates and amplifies the sound, making it louder.

In such a reverberating environment, sound tries to find an escape route and escape at once through a small gap. . Therefore, it is not uncommon for sound insulation materials alone to have the opposite effect.

In a house, when listening to music using speakers in a room, the walls of the room basically have low sound absorption performance, so the sound will be louder due to reverberation, and it will affect the next room. Since the SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SSP E series has high sound absorption performance, you can reduce the amplification of sound by attaching it to the wall of the room. Since there is no reverberation, music can be heard clearly, killing two birds with one stone.

Next time, we will introduce examples based on actual construction photos.

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