Soundproof material that can be attached to the wall ~Introduction of the SSP E series~

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This time, we would like to introduce the soundproofing material " SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SSP E-15 , E-38 " which is selling well right now.

Thin, lightweight and easy-to-install sound absorbing material

Now that lifestyles have changed due to the coronavirus epidemic and noise problems are increasing,

  • I want to take soundproofing measures, but if I ask a contractor, the construction costs will be too high and the budget will not be enough.

  • I want to take measures easily by myself.

Isn't there a lot of people who have such troubles?

The SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SSP E series is a thin and lightweight soundproofing material that can be easily cut to the desired shape with a cutter. It is a product that can reduce noise. It can be installed at a low cost without outsourcing to a specialist or construction company.

Two types of thickness according to the countermeasure content

E-15 with a thickness of 15 mm is effective for high-pitched sounds ( high-frequency bands ) such as human voices and metallic sounds. It is ideal for apartment complexes and offices that use a room in a condominium building where consideration for neighboring rooms is required. Even in factories, etc., it will be effective by sticking it inside the metal processing machine / ultrasonic measurement box . In addition, because it is thin, it can be used in places where the installation space is limited.

On the other hand, the E-38 , which has a thickness of 38 mm, can be used not only in offices that use single rooms in apartment buildings and condominiums, but also in music studios, piano sounds, and low - frequency sounds such as 3D printers . You can also take measures against noise. Since it is thicker than E-15 , it can absorb sound in a wide range. It is effective for self-made soundproof rooms and soundproof use of large machines.

Image attached to the wall of the room ↓



  • E-15: 300×600×15(mm) 150g/ sheet
  • E-38: 300 x 600 x 38 (mm) 320g/ sheet (width x height x thickness weight)
  • * Estimated number of sheets 1 m2 ... 6 sheets will be used


  • Sound absorbing surface : Polyethylene foam
  • Sound absorbing layer : Specially treated honeycomb with foamed resin core material
  • Sound insulation surface : Polyethylene foam
  • <Other performance >

thermal insulation 

  • F☆☆☆☆ grade sound absorption
  • Adhesive seal heat resistance 70℃
  • railcar materials
  • Flame retardant pass

<Supplementary notes/notes >

*This product is a sound absorbing material, so it has the effect of reducing reverberating sound.

*This product uses materials that are harmless to the human body, but in rare cases it may emit an odor. In that case, remove the odor in a shaded and well-ventilated space.

*If exposed to UV rays for a long time, it will deteriorate quickly, so we recommend that you cover it with a cloth or cloth when using it.

*Do not use in places where the temperature rises and falls, where it gets wet, or outdoors.

*There is a risk of damaging the wallpaper if it is removed after installation. If there is a possibility that it will be peeled off, make a base with separate masking tape or fix it with double-sided tape.

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