We will start a free and paid rental service! -Applies to acoustic panels and outdoor unit panels

Hello everyone. Silent provider.

This site is a mail-order site that handles soundproofing materials, but we mainly sell full-scale materials and products for industrial use and builders that are not handled at home centers or other online sales. We carry the highest quality products available.

This time, we would like to introduce you to our trial rental service.

2 types of trial rental

There are two types of rental services. Please use it properly according to the purpose of use.

① Free rental

Sound, such as soundproofing and articulation, is something that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, I think that there are some people who do not have the courage to purchase it because they are worried about whether it is really effective. In order to dispel such anxieties, there is a rental service for effectiveness verification.

You can experience how effective it is by using the actual product.

* The target products are as follows.

Regarding the rental method, there is a dedicated product page ( URL above) for free rental, so if you go through the purchase procedure ( 0 yen) from there, we will prepare for shipping.

* Since the rental period is one week , the shipment will be picked up one week after the arrival date, so please prepare for shipping and packaging by then.

* Limited to one product per person.

* Please note that the rental button on the normal product page is charged.

② Paid rental

You can use it in the form of a subscription that you can use as much as you like when you want to use it.

The rental period can be specified in units of one week and can be used until 24:00 on the last day, so you can use the product to your heart's content.

After use, it can be shipped at convenience stores, etc., so please feel free to use it.

Example: If you want to record but want to do it at home because you don't want to go to the studio, rent the SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SDM for a week and record at home.

You will need a place to store it when you purchase it, and it is a convenient service to use it by renting it only when you want to use it one-off.

* The target products are as follows.

For this rental method, please apply by clicking the rental button on the product page ( URL above) and selecting the address and period of use.

*The rental period is set in units of one week.

* Count the day you receive the item as the first day, and complete the shipping procedure by 24:00 on the final day.

If the date has passed, you will be billed for another week.

*The free rental page is only for one week as it is for verifying the effect. please note.

We have received very good reviews from people who have used our rental service, and we are confident that if you use it once, you will definitely want to purchase it. Please try it once.

*Please note that this is a rental panel, so there may be scratches and stains.

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