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In this blog, we will introduce a combination construction example of soundproofing related products on our site. I would appreciate it if you could refer to those who want to DIY soundproofing.

Noise consideration for lower rooms in condominiums

A customer who owns a room in a condominium as a music editing studio and uses SSP and SDM, which are soundproof panels for music, consulted us saying, "I want to suppress vibration noise to the floor below." I was.

Not only the sound of walking, but also the sound of the speaker (especially bass) will vibrate. If you touch a TV speaker, you will notice that it vibrates.

At this site, in order to take more effective measures, we needed not only sound absorption and sound insulation, but also anti-vibration elements. We took measures with four elements of the sound shut frame (anti-vibration).

Construction method

First of all, we will introduce the construction procedure.

(1) Place sound shut frames on the floor at regular intervals.

*We recommend using double-sided tape if screws cannot be used, such as when renting.

(2) Fill white wool between the sound shutting frames.

(3) Fix the floor material such as plywood on the top to give strength so that it can withstand walking.

④ Lay down a damping sheet.

④Finally lay the carpet and you are done.

<Materials used this time>

Sound shutting frame, white wool, plywood, damping sheet, tile carpet, other auxiliary materials (bis, double-sided tape)

Outline of role of each material

Next, I will explain the role of each of the materials used above.

①Sound shut frame

The sound shut frame was used to make this countermeasure more effective. By separating the plywood board from the floor of the room, the sound of walking or the sound of the speaker shakes the floor and resonates, preventing noise from being transmitted. With the conventional construction method, it is fixed with a single screw, so even if the floors are separated, the sound will be generated through the screws. By using two sound shut frames as shown in the image below, you can create even more effects.

②White wool

By filling white wool between the sound shutting frames, vibrations such as impact sounds are softened inside, and the sound is converted into thermal energy to attenuate the noise. It also has a high thermal insulation effect, so it is also useful for keeping warm and cold indoors.

③ Plywood board

Because it has a sound insulation effect, it cuts off the sound due to air propagation coming out of the speaker.

④ Damping sheet

By laying a damping sheet, the resonance transmitted to the ceiling of the lower room is suppressed and the noise is alleviated. The compatibility with the anti-vibration sound shut frame is also excellent.

In this way, more effective soundproofing can be achieved by combining materials with different characteristics. There are also articles that give simple explanations of sound absorption, sound insulation, damping, vibration isolation, etc., so please refer to them.

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