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aluminum fiber sound absorbing board

aluminum fiber sound absorbing board

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Sound absorbing plate made of aluminum fiber. It can be cut with scissors or pasted with double-sided tape depending on the shape and situation of the place where you want to absorb sound. Due to its sound absorption performance, light weight and ease of processing, it is used in various fields such as factory interior walls, public swimming pool ceilings, and studios. Further sound absorption performance can be achieved by combining with other products such as Acousticel.


➀ Recyclable

Aluminum is used as a material, which enables effective use of resources without generating waste through reuse.

➁Thin and lightweight

It is a thin and light sound absorbing material with a thickness of 1.5 mm and 2 kg/m2, which is very different from general sound absorbing material.

➂ Safe and clean materials

With conventional soundproofing materials, fibers and particles may scatter and tingle. There is no such concern with this product, and it does not stick to the body and cause itching.

④ Weather and water resistance

The weather resistance of aluminum is a material that has already been proven in various fields such as construction, automobiles, and ships. There is no need to worry about discoloration due to UV rays or deterioration due to humidity.

➄ Easy construction

Demonstrates excellent sound absorption performance simply by fixing it to the base material with screws. There is no need to protect the surface with glass cloth or punching metal.

⑥Weather resistance

No discoloration or deterioration due to UV rays.

In addition, there is no irritating odor that affects the human body, no scattering of fine pieces during cutting, no adverse effects on the eyes and throat, no irritation on the skin, and no discomfort during processing. In addition, unlike glass wool, there is no concern about the impact on the human body due to scattering due to aging after installation.

[Recruitment record/use]

Adoption results: Factory interiors, highways, public pools, stadiums, conference room ceilings, clean rooms, inside air conditioners, food factories, railroads, pump stations, etc.

Due to the above characteristics, various applications other than sound absorbing materials are possible. (Example: grease filters, audio accessories, electromagnetic wave shielding materials, etc.)


standard width x height 2000mm×1000mm
thickness 1.5mm
Number of sheets Order from 1 piece
Material melt spun aluminum fiber
postage free
deadline about 2 weeks
price/piece 26000 yen/piece
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