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[Rental item] SHIZUKA Stillness Panel B-500-1 (black with legs)

[Rental item] SHIZUKA Stillness Panel B-500-1 (black with legs)

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<<This cart is a rental page. >>

Period: 1 week from arrival date.

Return method: After using the attached return slip, you will be returned by requesting collection.

*In principle, extension of the period is not accepted.

*Color cannot be selected.

*We will send it in a portable bag.

By incorporating three types of materials with different specific gravities inside, it is possible to adjust the acoustic environment by absorbing a wide range of frequencies. Sound is efficiently converted into heat energy by entering the 0.01mm mesh part with little reflection. When used alone, it can only handle a limited range of frequencies, but by placing a sound absorbing layer made of different materials behind it, it is possible to absorb a wide range of sounds.

The internal sound absorbing material also has an even finer air layer than conventional materials, so that the sound that enters inside is not lost. A simple anechoic room can be created by connecting panels, but the back plate also serves as a reflection, so you can take measures for sound absorption and reflection yourself, and create your ideal acoustic space. .

The 500mm x 500 size can be installed on the back of a speaker placed on a table or desk, and the 1000mm x 1000mm size can be installed in the center of the left and right sides of a large speaker or in the corner of a room to prevent flutter echo. is.

Sound absorbing surface: aluminum fiber board↓

Usage review (AV Watch March 22, 2022 article Mr. Hashizume)

■ Main features
・Achieves sound absorption and insulation for a wide range of sounds from low to high frequencies, which was difficult with conventional soundproof panels.
・Incombustibility, water resistance, corrosion and rust prevention

Color Sound absorbing surface: Black, Back: White, Resin frame: Black
sound absorbing surface Aluminum fiber composite (black)
sound insulation surface Aluminum plate (white)
Waku Available (common to PVC and black)
leg can be
size 500mm x 500mm
thickness 36mm
weight 500mm x 500mm: 2kg
postage free

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