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Sound insulation and damping sheet MTS-21 (flame-retardant type)

Sound insulation and damping sheet MTS-21 (flame-retardant type)

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This is an introduction of "Sound Insulation and Vibration Control Sheet MTS-20 (Flame Retardant Type)" that can be used as a building material, as a DIY, or as a countermeasure against noise around you.

"Sound insulation and damping sheet MTS-21 (flame-retardant type)"

It is a flame-retardant damping sheet with sound insulation performance that can reduce structure-borne sound that has both sound insulation and damping effects . It can be used in a wide temperature range, and can maintain its damping effect without significantly degrading its performance even in low-temperature environments, which butyl rubber is not good at .
There is also a type that is already adhesive-processed at the time of shipment, so it is easy to use.
Easy to install.

Applications and usage examples of "Sound insulation and damping sheet MTS-21 (flame-retardant type)"

Results: Houses, housing equipment, home appliances, office equipment, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, automobiles, etc.

Usage example: (1) By pasting on the back of the sink, the sound caused by water vibration is reduced.

(2) Reduce the sound of rain by pasting it on the ceiling of the car.

(3) Reduction of walking noise on upper and lower floors in the home, etc.

Features of "Sound Insulation and Vibration Damping Sheet MTS-21 (flame-retardant type)"

  1. It has high sound insulation and damping properties, and reduces sound transmission and structure-borne noise caused by vibration and impact.
  2. Flame retardant performance equivalent to V-0 (international standard) according to UL94 safety standards
  3. The type with flexible adhesive processing can be easily attached to curved surfaces.
  4. Flexible material with butyl rubber (synthetic rubber) as base polymer is used.
  5. Halogen-free flame-retardant specifications for safe use
  6. Can be cut to any size and installed
  7. Because of the flexible sheet, it can be installed even in curved areas.

Supplementary matter

  • Although it depends on the time of year, delivery takes about three weeks.


Standard (width x height x thickness) 500×1000×3mm
weight 2.5kg/piece

butyl rubber


5 pieces/1 set

postage free
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