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4Life 4-layer non-woven mask (30 per box)

4Life 4-layer non-woven mask (30 per box)

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It is a non-woven fabric 4-layer mask. By inserting a core material in the nose part, it plays the role of a nose fitter, increasing adhesion and reducing the diffusion and penetration of droplets. In addition, since it has a three-dimensional structure while being highly adhesive, there is an appropriate space around the nose and mouth, making it easy to breathe and talk.

Due to the three-dimensional structure, the surface that comes into contact with the skin is reduced, and it is also recommended for those who wear makeup because it is less likely to get rough skin due to masks and lipstick.

Each product is individually packed for your safety. There are 30 pieces in one box.

standard Regular size・・・30 sheets/box unisex type
Color white
size 7.5cm x 18.4cm
body polypropylene
nose fitter polyethylene, steel
ear straps

polyurethane, polyester

postage free
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