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Melamine resin foam sound absorbing foam "Acousticel" 500mm x 1000mm x thickness 50mm (6 pieces)

Melamine resin foam sound absorbing foam "Acousticel" 500mm x 1000mm x thickness 50mm (6 pieces)

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Sound absorbing material made of melamine resin foam. It can be cut, pasted, or hollowed out according to the shape and situation of the place where you want to absorb sound. Due to its high sound absorption and heat insulation performance, light weight and ease of processing, it is used in various general industries and construction fields such as bullet trains, automobile interiors, and aircraft.

Because it is a sound absorbing material, it is effective for high sounds (high frequencies), but it can also handle low to medium to high sounds by combining with other products such as aluminum fiber materials.

Example of use: Exhaust duct silencer, inside of equipment such as compressors and outdoor units, echo suppression in offices, rooms, studios, etc.


➀ Sound absorption structure

A melanin resin foam with a dense open cell structure that exhibits excellent sound absorption performance. *Sound absorption performance is shown in the photo below.

➁ Lightweight

High density: Approximately 9 kg/m3, it is very lightweight and has excellent flexibility, making it easy to install. It can also be used to draw an arc.

➂ Flame resistance

It is self-extinguishing and exhibits high flame resistance (UL94 V-0).

④ High heat resistance and cold resistance

It can withstand a normal temperature of 150°C. (It maintains its flexibility even at extremely low temperatures.)

➄Chemical resistance

Unlike urethane foam, it does not crumble due to hydrolysis. *Detailed chemical resistance is shown in the table below.

⑥Weather resistance

No discoloration or deterioration due to UV rays.

⑦ Workability

It can be easily cut with a cutter or the like. Since it is easy to cut out, it can be constructed according to the shape of piping.


Thermal conductivity is 0.035W/m・k, which is almost the same insulation performance as glass wool.

⑨ Safety

There is no irritating odor that affects the human body, no scattering of fine pieces during cutting, no adverse effects on the eyes and throat, no irritation on the skin, and no discomfort during processing. In addition, unlike glass wool, there is no concern about the impact on the human body due to scattering due to aging after installation.

[General physical properties]

item Measuring method unit Typical value

JIS K7222

Kg/㎥ 9
tensile strength JIS K6400-53 KPa 149
stretch JIS K6400-53 % twenty four
25% compression hardness JIS K 6400-2 6.7 D method KPa 8.5
Thermal conductivity JIS A 1412-2 HFM method compliant (20 mm/thickness 23°C) W/mk 0.035
Flame retardance UL94 Passed V-0, HF-1

【chemical resistance】

chemical resistance material
durable Hydrocarbons (light oil, heavy oil, paraffin, methyl chloride, turquoise, kerosene), alcohols (methanol, ethanol, IPA, glycerin, butyl alcohol), glycols, esters (butyl acetate, ethyl acetate), ketones, ethers, Sodium hypochlorite, sodium chloride solution 3.6%, water, hydrogen peroxide 30%, acids (acetic acid 90%, lactic acid 10%, phosphoric acid 50%, citric acid 10%), detergent (ammonia water 25%, sodium carbonate 25%) %, sodium hydroxide solution 40%)
Available Water, seawater, 50% caustic soda, 90% acetic acid, 5% butyric acid, etc.
No durability 90% formic acid, 10% nitric acid, 10% hydrochloric acid, 10% sulfuric acid


standard width x height 500mm×1000mm
thickness 50mm
Number of sheets 6 sheets (3㎡) / 1 case

melamine resin foam

postage free
deadline about 2 weeks
Price/㎡ 14850 yen/㎡
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