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anti-vibration rubber

anti-vibration rubber

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Anti-vibration rubber for vibration suppression. It has an elliptical shape and can effectively reduce vibration. Reducing machine vibration reduces the adverse effects on surrounding equipment, leading to longer equipment life. It is also effective for noise reduction that is difficult to reduce with sound absorption and sound insulation measures.

By placing it under a vibrating machine, it is vibration-proof inside the rubber. Since the size of the top and bottom of the anti-vibration rubber is different, it can be used according to the frequency of vibration. In addition, since there is an 11 mm opening in the center, it is possible to prevent it from slipping from the pedestal by fixing it to the machine through bolts (not fixed to the ground).

Standard (width x height x thickness) Circular 90mm x height 30mm (with 11mm opening in the center)
load capacity 60kg/piece

synthetic rubber

Usage Vibration-related machinery and equipment, audio equipment
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