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SHIZUKA Grace type DSB (sound absorption booth for desk)

SHIZUKA Grace type DSB (sound absorption booth for desk)

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Introducing the personal sound absorption booth "Hitori Shizuka Grace Type DSB" that can be installed around your desk in your office, meeting room, or home.

Since the spread of the coronavirus, remote work has increased, and web conferencing has become a standard these days, and new issues have arisen. This is the problem of increased indoor reverberation and sound leakage (information leakage) to the outside.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • During a web conference, the microphone picks up ambient noise, causing trouble for the other party.
  • Difficult to find a vacant conference room or outdoor soundproof booth to hold a web conference
  • I want to install a soundproof booth in the office, but the budget does not fit
  • The contents of the conversation during the web conference at the office or at home can be heard by the surroundings.
  • Reverberating sound in the call center room is loud, and sound leakage to the outside is a problem
  • While working at home, you can't concentrate because of indoor and outdoor noise
  • Concerned about information leakage to other companies due to shared office

" Hitori Shizuka Grace Type DSB " will solve all of the above problems.

Five features of Hitori Shizuka Grace type DSB

  1. It can be fixed with Velcro, making it easy for women to install and clean up.
  2. Can be installed on long desks that are not separated by partitions
  3. Comes with a wiring port and a USB lighting that can be used by connecting to a computer.
  4. Can also be used as a splash-proof partition
  5. The use of compressed non-woven fabric makes it durable and does not scratch the desk.

Reasons why Hitori Shizuka Grace Type DSB is chosen

  • You can easily build a web conference environment anywhere indoors with a desk
  • Makes it easier to hear speech during web conferencing
  • Reduces the risk of information leakage by suppressing echoes around the desk
  • About 1/4 the cost of installing a soundproof booth in the office

customer's voice

"I installed it for remote work at home, but I was able to prevent my child's voice from reverberating to the other party during the web conference (woman in her 30s)"

"I installed it in a call center, and it not only suppressed the echoes in the room, but also prevented sound leakage outside the call center (male, 40s)."

“Until now, it was difficult to secure a vacant meeting room for each remote meeting, but after introducing it, I can hold a remote meeting from my desk, so there is no extra hassle (male, 20s).”

Supplementary matter

  • For build-to-order manufacturing, delivery takes about one month.
  • Installation of hooks by drilling holes, replacement of surface cloth, and use of detergent are not allowed.
  • The color of the DSB posted is NO:614.

Product introduction video


Standard (width x height x thickness weight) External dimensions: Width 1000mm x Depth 625mm x Height 780mm (Depth 925mm with side panel)
Internal dimensions: width 955mm x depth 600mm x height 755mm
Panel thickness: 29mm
Material Sound absorbing surface: Hard non-woven fabric Color: 11 colors
others Foldable.
*There is a wiring opening.
option side panel
postage free
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