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Silent shut-off frame for one person

Silent shut-off frame for one person

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"Hitori Silent Shut Frame" is a foundation structural material for soundproofing developed by utilizing our many years of experience and technology in factory noise countermeasures.

Unlike conventional construction methods, it is designed to be a floating structure, instead of directly fixing finishing materials, etc. to the frame structure. made it possible to reduce The synthetic rubber of the frame prevents resonance due to sound, while cutting off the transmission of vibration through the screws, making it an extremely effective and effective product.

It is used in dance studios and music halls as a countermeasure against vibrations on floors and vibrations and sound on walls, and it is used in various fields such as music classrooms, theaters, dance studios, and home recording studios as sound insulation measures on walls and ceilings. We are here.

It is easy to understand if you look at the attached construction instructions and photos, but sound absorbing materials can be installed between the frames, which will also lead to improved soundproofing performance. In addition, it is also possible to correspond with white wool on our site.

*Two types of thickness are available according to the required performance and application.

* Sound shut frame construction procedure document (PDF file)

Standard (width x height x thickness weight) 1820mm x thickness 25mm 1.2kg 9 pieces/box (10.8kg)
1820mm x thickness 40mm 1.3kg 6 pieces/box (7.8kg)
Material Synthetic rubber, galvanized steel sheet, styrofoam (40mm thickness only)
Usage It is a base material that cuts the edges of the finish side and the base side of floors, ceilings and walls. It is used in the construction of floating floors, double walls, etc.
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