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honeycomb board

honeycomb board

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A strong honeycomb board that can be used for DIY. You can freely use it for DIY at home such as creating shelves and workbench.

Conventional honeycomb boards have a paper finish surface, but this product uses board material, so it is strong. It is also lighter than plywood of the same thickness. It is highly versatile and can be used in various situations.

◇ Main features

  • Since the honeycomb is sandwiched between plywood boards, it is stronger than conventional paper honeycomb boards and is resistant to humidity and moisture.
  • The ceramic honeycomb interior is strong against surface loads and is lighter than commercially available plate materials.
  • Easy to transport due to its light weight. Even if you make a shelf, it is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Ease of processing that can be cut with a hand saw.
  • The board is flexible due to the elastic bonding.

◇ Shelf production example

◇ Supplementary information

・Delivery time: Approximately 2 weeks (May vary depending on the time of year.)


Color White make-up or unpainted
surface unpainted plywood
internal ceramic honeycomb
Waku Edge tape (purchase at a home center, etc., if necessary)

* You can use it without attaching the wrap.
size 910mm x 1820mm
thickness 12/20 mm

12mm: about 7.5kg/20mm: about 8.0kg

load capacity We are currently verifying.
postage free


About 2 weeks (may change depending on the time)

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