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Ozone sterilization humidifier O3MAX Air

Ozone sterilization humidifier O3MAX Air

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Spray high-purity ozone based on purified water. It has been verified by multiple testing institutions, including the public university corporation Nara Medical University, and has been confirmed to inactivate viruses of 99.998% or more. In addition, conventional ozone devices generate NOx (nitrogen oxides), which is harmful to the human body. will be In addition to ozone, it has a humidification function, so one unit has the effect of disinfection and humidification.

By atomizing ozone, it is possible to sterilize hard-to-reach places such as desk gaps, beds, doors, and bookshelves, and places that require detailed care.

Since one unit sprays 8, 16, and 32 tatami mats, it can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, corporate offices/offices, and restaurants. You can set the timer up to 8 hours, so you can prevent forgetting to turn off the power. In addition, it is possible to set the mode between safe mode (environment with people) and turbo mode (unmanned environment). During the dry season such as winter, the humidity is kept constant by the humidification function, and the activity of viruses can be suppressed by spraying.

200ml of purified water (about 70 yen per bottle) can be sprayed for about a month (assuming 8 hours a day), so cost performance is also sufficient. Due to its compact design, it can be placed anywhere on a desk or fixed to a wall with the included screws. In addition, compared to other ozone generators, maintenance such as cleaning fluid is not required.

How to use MAX Air - YouTube

MAX Air Maintenance Edition-YouTube

Wall hanging example

part number OY-FF90-A
Assumed space 8 tatami mats, 16 tatami mats, 32 tatami mats
size, weight 230mm wide x 155.5mm deep x 307mm high / 2.5kg
Amount of ozone generated 50mg/hr
purified water tank 200mm tank for purified water Estimated 1 month if used for 8 hours
Humidification tank capacity About 1200l㎖
Available power 100-240v
generator life About 6,000 hours
Manufacturer's warranty 1 year
postage free
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