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Multi Ozone Bottle & Spray Pro PROFESSIONAL

Multi Ozone Bottle & Spray Pro PROFESSIONAL

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This product adopts AOP technology (advanced oxidation process technology) and can generate highly concentrated (4.2ppm) ozone water from tap water in about 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Although it has a stronger deodorizing and disinfecting power than conventional chemicals, it does not leave any residue because it is only tap water, so you can use it with confidence even if it touches your skin. Fine-grained mist can be sprayed continuously over a wide area. We commissioned Nara Medical University to inactivate the virus and have proven its effectiveness.

Since it is rechargeable, it can be carried without restrictions due to cords. In addition, high-concentration ozone water can be generated at the touch of a button, so it can be used for deodorizing and disinfecting small places such as spaces and places where an unspecified number of people come and go, as well as disinfecting doorknobs and tables. It can be used in places where deodorization and disinfection are required, such as restaurant kitchens, conference room desks, beauty salons, and pet shops. The generated ozone water is valid for 25 minutes (After 25 minutes, it is necessary to generate ozone again).

Multi ozone bottle & spray - YouTube

part number OY-FF62-B
Size (width x circumference x height) 230mm x 155.5mm x 307mm
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