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Clear Sonic (Drum Shield) "SHIZUKA Stillness Panel Clear"

Clear Sonic (Drum Shield) "SHIZUKA Stillness Panel Clear"

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A product used by a certain famous band! "SHIZUKA Stillness Panel Clear"

【Product Summary】

SHIZUKA Stillness Panel Clear is a lightweight and compact acrylic sound insulation panel for drums, born from the voices of on-site sound engineers.

To prevent drum sounds from entering other microphones on stage, to make each drum sound accurately picked up by a microphone, to reduce the overlap of sounds, and to make it easier to pick up individual original sounds. can be done. Also, by isolating the sound in the direction of your own, you can play while checking the sound you emit even during a live performance.

The panel is very light and comes with an attachment to be installed on a stand, so it can be easily installed by one person and is easy to carry, so it can be used simply and partially.

You can adjust the installation location and height yourself, so you can create an ideal space in various situations.

*Although the attachment to the microphone stand is included, the microphone stand is not included. Please use a stand such as a studio.


・It is thin, compact, and lightweight, so it is easy to change the layout.

・By using the attached attachment (connectable to a microphone stand), it can be easily installed.

・As I can store it by folding, it is convenient for carrying around.

・Acrylic sound insulation panel for drums.

It has a sound insulation effect, so you can hear the sound you make.

- Can be partially used because it is more compact than similar products.



Sound insulation panel for drums.

When recording when using drums, it reduces the sound overlay and allows the microphone to accurately pick up each sound.

【Installation method】

It comes with an attachment that can be connected to a normal microphone stand, etc.

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[ delivery date]

About 2 months from order for made-to-order products

Color Transparent (logo is in black)
Material acrylic
leg Two legs are attached to each sheet.

1000 mm x 600 mm x thickness 4 mm


3 kg/piece

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