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SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SDM-1800 (blue height 1800mm)

SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SDM-1800 (blue height 1800mm)

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SHIZUKA Stillness Panel-SDM is an acoustic panel developed with a mastering engineer/artist as an advisor. The indoor environment can be adjusted by evenly absorbing sound from 500Hz to high frequencies. For engineers and pure audio enthusiasts.

The SDM is designed to stand on its own by folding it in half. Even when working in a rental office or at home, it is effective in removing unnecessary flutter echoes by arranging it without making the wall dirty. In addition, by adjusting the position, you can create a sound environment that suits your taste.

For mastering, placing two SDM-1800s on the back of the speaker eliminates flutter echo and enables accurate sound confirmation, resulting in more efficient work time. For recording work, a simple recording booth can be created by placing two SDM-1800s and one SDM-900 on the ceiling. When recording sound at home, placing one SDM-900 on the desk in front of the microphone will make it less susceptible to ambient noise. If you are a pure audio enthusiast, you can enjoy the original sound of the speaker by placing it on the back of the speaker and in the corner of the room. A bag for carrying/storage (SDM-1800 only) and legs for fixing are also sold separately.

Usage impression video

SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SDM Movie VOL.2 - SHIZUKA Stillness Panel (

Usage review (AV Watch March 22, 2022 article Mr. Hashizume)

Color blue
sound absorbing surface polyester (blue)
sound insulation surface PVC, black common
Waku Available (common to PVC and black)
leg none
size H1800 x W450 x 2 sheets
thickness Single plate 43 mm, when folded: 85 mm
weight SDM-1800: 10.6kg
postage free
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