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Resin sound insulation sheet (width 1m x length 5m x thickness 3mm 25.5kg/roll)

Resin sound insulation sheet (width 1m x length 5m x thickness 3mm 25.5kg/roll)

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Because it is made of resin, it becomes a sound insulation sheet that is easy to cut and install. With a surface density of 5.1 kg/m2, it can demonstrate an effect that exceeds the law of mass (sound insulation performance based on weight). By adding this to existing construction methods (gypsum board, etc.), sound insulation performance can be improved without significantly changing the interior dimensions of the room. Since it is in sheet form, it can be cut with a cutter or large scissors, and is designed to be hard to break like gypsum board. Since it is in a roll shape, it is easy to store and move.

The construction method varies depending on the content of the site, but screws and tuckers, double-sided tape, and adhesive construction methods can be used. If there is a gap between the sheet and the gypsum board, apply a seal or putty material to improve the sound insulation performance. When installing on the floor, lay it on the base plywood and install it so that the seam of the base and the seam of the sheet do not match. Also, when using floor heating, the resin may melt due to heat, so please install plywood with a thickness of 12 mm or more between the floor heating device and the sound insulation sheet to protect it from overheating.

important point

・ The usable temperature range is -10 to 50 degrees. Please do not use it because it is out of range

・Because the product has a unique odor, be sure to ventilate well when using it for adhesion. Please take measures for ventilation even after construction.

・ When installing the product, please handle it in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations such as the Building Standards Act.

Comparison of sound insulation performance with the same weight

frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
Conventional product 9 13 18 23 28 34
sound insulation sheet 19 20 23 26 32 39

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