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Soundproof panel for outdoor unit/Eco Cute (width 1005mm x height 1005mm)

Soundproof panel for outdoor unit/Eco Cute (width 1005mm x height 1005mm)

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A simple soundproof panel that is effective against low-frequency noise in outdoor units such as houses and Eco Cute.

By installing it 50 to 100 cm away from the outdoor unit, it absorbs and insulates sound, suppresses echoes from the walls of neighboring houses, and can reduce noise. Cut noise up to 30%. It is characterized by high outdoor durability due to its waterproof and rust-proof specifications. It is 70 mm thick and has excellent bass absorption performance. It is difficult to absorb and insulate low frequencies unless the material is thick and heavy, but this product is relatively thin and light, and can suppress a wide range of frequencies by using different materials with a four-layer structure. is. In addition, since it has a sound absorption and sound insulation effect not only in the low frequency range but also in the medium and high frequency range, it can reduce harsh noise.

Click here for a commentary video by our representative Soundproof Prince

【Major features】

・Unlike conventional products (glass wool, sponge, etc.), it can be used outdoors because it is waterproof and rust-proof.

・With a thickness of 70 mm, it has sound absorption and insulation performance, and is effective against low-frequency noise from outdoor units and Eco Cute.

・Since aluminum fiber is used on the surface, it is resistant to rust and maintains long-term durability.

At night, ambient noise is low, so it is easy to hear the operating noise of the outdoor unit and EcoCute. In addition to the direct generated sound, there is a possibility that the sound will echo off the walls of the neighboring house and be amplified, making it sound louder. Low frequency noise is defined as noise below 100Hz. Low-frequency noise may be generated from nearby equipment, and it has been reported that it may induce dizziness, insomnia, headache, etc. in humans. We have conducted industry-academia joint research with Nagoya University and have confirmed that our soundproof panels are effective in reducing low-frequency noise.

Furthermore, in response to the results of an animal experiment conducted at Nagoya University, which showed that low-frequency noise of 100 Hz may induce balance dysfunction (dizziness), we investigated the effects of our soundproofing material with a honeycomb structure. We conducted industry-university joint research to consider As a result of animal experiments, we found the possibility of reducing balance dysfunction (dizziness) caused by low-frequency noise by reducing low-frequency noise using our soundproofing materials.

【Installation method】

(1) Fit the panel into the special legs that are included, and fix the panel and legs with the included screws.

(2) Temporarily place it in front of the outdoor unit or EcoCute. * Since the rough aluminum fiber material will be the sound absorbing surface, please install so that the sound absorbing surface faces the outdoor unit.

3. You can use it stably by driving a stake or anchor into the screw hole of the leg and fixing it. (Leg diameter: 12mm) *Piles or anchors will vary depending on the ground of your home, so please prepare them at a home center.

Assembly procedure manual


・Place the sound absorbing surface (rough surface) facing the noise source.

・Because it is a heavy item (16 kg/piece), please be careful when receiving it, when setting it up, and where it is set up.

・When installing outdoors, be careful not to overturn due to wind or accidental contact.

・This product is a soundproof panel. Avoid using it for anything other than soundproofing.

・Keep an appropriate distance from the outdoor unit and EcoCute. If it is too close, it may affect the equipment. Please check with the device manufacturer in advance.


This product is a made-to-order product. Please note that we will respond to inquiries about the delivery date (approximately 2 weeks to 1 month).


sound absorbing surface Aluminum fiber composite (silver)
sound insulation surface Baked painted aluminum plate (white)
Waku aluminum (silver)
leg stainless steel (silver)
size 1005mm x 1005mm
thickness 70mm
weight 16kg
postage free

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