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SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SSP E-38 (articulation and sound absorption panel)

SHIZUKA Stillness Panel SSP E-38 (articulation and sound absorption panel)

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Sound absorbing material for indoor use. Reduces indoor reverberation, making it easier to hear and speak audio articulation, indoor sound absorption, and telephone and web conference speech. It also helps protect privacy by reducing the sound leaking outside. Articulation and sound absorption panel for mastering, recording beginners, and those who want to further improve the sound of audio.

Please enjoy the sound only in Japan that cannot be reproduced by other companies or overseas due to patents. Features: Since it is made up of multiple layers of sound absorbing material, it is thin but can absorb sound up to mid-to-high range. It has the effect of suppressing flutter echoes in rooms that are prone to reverberation and suppressing reverberating sounds in the room. Compared to E-15, the sound absorption effect is effective in the mid-to-high range from 800Hz.

For those who want to improve the audio environment, it will be easier to hear and talk by installing it in an environment where it is difficult to talk because it is too loud in a conference room. In the case of audio articulation, it is possible to adjust by installing about 2 pieces on the wall behind the speaker, on the wall behind the listener, and in the corner of the room.

Can be cut with a cutter. In addition, since the back has adhesive tape, it can be attached to the wall or ceiling. It does not use materials that irritate the human body like glass wool, so you can use it with confidence.

Uses: Installed on the back of the wall of pianos, home AV, car audio, and audio speakers to reduce echo sound.

Note: When cutting with a cutter, the sound absorbing material may come off, but please use a vacuum cleaner to suck it up. Also, be sure to evoke enough. The adhesive sticker on the back is strong and may leave marks when removed after being attached to the wall or ceiling. If you plan to remove it, please use the adhesive sticker that does not stain the wallpaper on the protective paper. Please note that if the wall or ceiling is uneven or dusty, the adhesive sticker will come off easily. If the wall is uneven, prepare a separate board. You can also stick it on a board and lean it against the wall.

Standard (width x height x thickness weight) 300×600×thickness 38(mm) 500g/piece

Sound absorbing surface: Polyethylene foam Color: Gray Inside: Honeycomb + resin foam Back: Polyethylene foam with adhesive

Installation standard About 3 on the back of the audio (about 6 on the left and right)
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