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Hitori Shizuka White Wool (1000mm x 1000mm x Thickness 10mm)

Hitori Shizuka White Wool (1000mm x 1000mm x Thickness 10mm)

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It is a sound absorbing product that can be freely cut with cutting scissors. Because it is a polyester material, unlike glass wool, it does not irritate and can be touched with bare hands, eliminating the need for gloves and masks during processing. Since no adhesive is used, it does not contain chemical substances (VOC, etc.).

Sound absorption and soundproofing measures are selected according to thickness. A 10mm thickness type is recommended for high frequencies (e.g. machine sounds, sirens, etc.), and a 50mm thickness is recommended for medium and high frequencies (motors, pumps, etc.). The fibers are intertwined to form a porous structure.

Since the product alone cannot block sound, it is effective to attach an outer panel (plywood, metal plate, etc.) to the outside of the product and direct the product toward the noise source. When installing on a wall, assemble a wooden frame, fill the inside with this product, and then cover it with a perforated board or cloth to prevent loss of sound absorption effect. In addition to sound absorption performance, it also has a heat insulation effect (equivalent to glass wool). In the case of audio sound adjustment, unnecessary flutter echo can be reduced by placing the 50mm type in the corner of the room.

standard width x height 1000mm×1000mm
thickness 10mm
Material polyester non woven fabric
postage free
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